Under Control.

I am a 64 year old fit slim male. I was brought up very strictly in London by my single Aunt. She was very controlling and chose my clothing, friends and what I did. She was a fanatic on cleanliness so supervised bathing from ages 8 to 18 when I left. She forbade ************ and a severe caning was administered for practicing. I was even caned for kissing a 16 year old neighbours daughter in front of her and the mother, bare bottomed so not hard to guess how that got round. Anyway these were my first steps into Female Supremacy. The influence stayed with me all my life and produced a certain knowledge instilled by her and from research thet Females are on average far superior to the male.
I am now in The Philippines where until a few months ago I served a young very dominant Filipina gaed 32. I benefitted greatly from her strict rules and punishments. I have during that time been chaste as she maintained that sex was unnecessary and I was too small to be taken seriously anyway and exposing my lack of size amused her friends. I learned all sorts of service from housework to more extreme forms. To remind me of my position I was caned weekly very hard so I always had a sore bottom with additional genital punishment if deserved. My chastity eventually came naturally after 2 years of wearing a restraint. I loved the life and knew my position and my rules. I learnt how to obey and how to know what I should do. I hope one day she returns or I find another wonderful Leader like her
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david4u<br />
You are so lucky to be married to someone who will take good care of you like your wife. Of course, you doing all of the housework is the right way and the way it should always be.<br />
My wife will not enter into this lifestyle, but I still do all of the housework. She does help, on occasion, when I'm doing the laundry, but mainly everything is done by me.<br />
Dave...I would say that having you locked is for your own good. Did she ever catch you????? Is that why she keeps you locked????

i am lock in chastity in panties an follow all femalre rules<br />
my wife kh she runs the house i do as told or i get puished<br />
i do all the house work an outside work seh controls the money an me in the house<br />
she does not have sex with me well i shoudl say she keeps me lock all the time maybe once year she unlocks me for sex if a have been good

you should accept her control

Yes she caned until skin split and bleeding then thin damp cloth placed there to prevent blood spatter from more strokes. Yes at least 12 of her friends caned too and often observed