Age Has Nothing To Do Whit Femdom

For more then 20years i am a slave of Mistress I. She is 81 years old and she looks like her age, but that is of no importancy. i am 70 years and has been brainwashed completely. She tranformed me into a real man, that means: submissive, docile, sissyficated and a real masochist. To destroy my filthy male sexual emotions Mistress I. forced me for several years to take dayly herbal pills. Wild Yam and hop. Final result, comple impotence. She took over all mij possessions, that made me a real man she said. Age or outlook has nothing to do with Female Supremacy. Its our mind that men has to surrender to become in balance with.
Mistress I. is a real sadistic woman, vulnerable by her age, but stronger willpowered than ever before. She canes me three times a week. Uses me as her ****-pot and of course i do the householding. She does not speak english but adores the thousands of pictures on internet
of strict Femdom women. Her complaint is that most off these women looks so young.
With regards of Mrs. I.
old sub.
oldsub oldsub
66-70, M
May 9, 2012