Ben Folds In Concert

About seven years ago an american friend told me of a band she really liked. A got curious and she then sent me this cd with songs of a band called Ben Folds Five. Folds's music, voice and awsome lyrics - funny, touching, raw and at times somewhat abusive - immediately got hold of my attention at first listening. And they still do.

Last february Folds and his band were on tour in Europe and finally, eight years after his last visit to Holland, he played at Paradiso in Amsterdam. And, lucky me, I was there! It was truly great. The crowd loved them and they in return played really inspired. Great concert, good memories. Big fun.

Any Folds fans out here?!

Bye for now.


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1 Response Jul 13, 2007

I always wonder about what people outside America think of Ben Folds. I know his reach is world-wide. I have always kind of thought of his songs as definitively American. I mean, they seem to define average American life on a basic level. Of course, I've never lived outside of these borders, so perhaps what he defines is life in general. Whatever the case, the man is brilliant! :D