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One Day Soon

A guy will come along and realize that I am the best friend and lover he's always wanted.... and he wants nothing more than to share the rest of his life with me.
Mahal1023 Mahal1023 46-50, F 5 Responses Sep 23, 2012

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He'll probably show up the second you stop looking for him.

Yes he will.

Thank you Dreampoet. :)

We must believe for it to be true.

I guess thats where my problem lies....

I understand.

But thanks again for believing it for me. :)

I know in my heart that you are beautiful....I sense it.

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She would be one hell of a best friend, partner and lover.

I nominate you to be the president of my fan club that has only 3 members you, me and my sister. :) lol!!! You're a sweet, kind man. Thank you for saying that.

Thank you all. Read something yesterday about positive thinking and vibrations that you send out. So I was practicing by writing this down. Frankly, this is wishful thinking if you ask me.....:) lol!

He'll be one smart guy to realize that too! :)

Sierra.... you're sweet. When he does show up, I hope I'm smart enough to know he's the one. lol!!! :)

You will, if in doubt come into ep and run it past us....We'll let ya know when ya got the right one!! ♥