Its has been 6 years i haven't in relationship. I remembered just has twice ex bfs in my entire life. All my ex bfs told me i am the best lover their ever meet on their life but i dont think i am the best one. My last ex bfs beg on me to back with him more than three time. He feel so desperately looking girlfriend like me eventhough he already change a lot of girls out there. He told me someone who ever got me will be lucky and happy. I think he just overreacting. But for me if i choose one guy to be my boyfriend i will completely love him so much because everyday tell him the best guy on my life wont make me feel bored. I realize myself too picky so if i choose someone he must the best one based on my criteria. its doesnt mean i am arrogant but i have my own standard.
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It's good to have standards , just don't set the bar to high, or you and they will never get there leg over ;0)