Me Too

I too have experimented a little and have decided I am bi. I have always loved to make love to women but have on occaision been attracted to males and find I really like making love with anyone I would really like to make some friends in my area of W. Pa.
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I know what you mean Laura. I think the luckiest are men who find themselves with a bi female who is open minded. Then you can slowly ease into the experimentation without the guilt of straight on m2m thing. Or those who experimented when young.

alot of men just appreciate the sex with another man nothing wrong with that, just enjoy yourself

Not odd I feel the same. I don't fancy men but the thought of Kissing a man kicking and sucking him makes of very hard. Can't wait to try it!

ozz, I know exactly what you mean. You describe my desire to a T. I really have no desire to engage in an act (fully involved touching, caressing kissing, etc..) such as I do with my bride with another guy. I do desire the penis. I want to handle it, lick it, suck it, completely feel it in my mouth and also in my butt. With that said, guy's, to look at, don't turn me on. Only their ****. Weird huh?

married 2bf, I'm curiose still, I'm not attracted to men in any way, except! like you say haveing sex with them, I havnt yet, but have found since I recieved a ******* from a male, I'v wanted so much to do the same, I'm not sure anything else would be fun or not. So when you say having sex, is it ok for me to ask, what that means? I get excited when I see a picture of a penis, and feel like I would love to get my mouth around it, but I dont, or rather can not imagine doing anything else? Not sure anyone would like to have that kind of deal or not? Well thanks for your reply anyway.

I was really just teasing. I'm not attracted to men, but enjoy having sex with them is all.

Well I understand you are hetero, and just wonder if you could tell me how you like male male sex . I'm cureios I thnk and would like to try male male or male girl male all sharing. how do you me hetero and like the other? I guess this message is more for married tobf ? I get so excited thinking of sharing a man with a woman

i've played a bunch as bi and decided that I'm hetero but enjoy male/male sex! :)