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I've been hit on by men before, but have never experienced being with a man. I've trolled message boards, and talked to guys; but all of them are "let's meet . . . RIGHT NOW" guys. On the one hand, I don't want to just randomly hook up with someone. Kinda risky. On the other hand, I don't want a "boyfriend." I am in love with my wife, but I really feel like I need to explore this. I enjoy reading the stories on EP, and hope to make some new friends and get some further insight. I'm hoping NOT to get a bunch of, "you're married, you dirty cheater" comments. Trust me, I'm not all that happy with the thought - on a lot of levels. On others, yeah - it's a dirty, forbidden, lusty thing to think about, which makes the idea that much hotter.
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I am on the other side of this. I am the woman who was shattered from being cheated on and now found out it was men to. Give the woman on choice what she wants to be exposed to by being honest.. or get out and do your thing. If you remotely give a crap about her. There is no repairing if you get caught. You will leave this person you supposedly care about lost broken and questioning everything about her self...

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I first dated a bisexual man and was not happy that he was between men and me, but suddenly adopted his sexuality at 25. Ever since then, and not sure why, have always attracted either gay or bisexual men in my life as a female. I would guess that at 50, you are wanting to be settled with your feelings, and so should you be, except that we are all very complex beings. Sometimes life throws opportunities at us all the time, yet it is finding what and who might make us feel that much more emotionally 'settled and stable' on the whole. My partner is straight and so am I, yet we don't even have a sexual relationship even though I am fully committed to that, even though there are many times when I just want something more as a still sexually attractive young woman at 42.

i am a bi curious man, have had a unwanted sexual experience as a boy and liked it . Till this day my mouth waters when i think about pleasing another man. I am in san diego, ca. and would love to find someone to experience the sensation of the things i used to have to do to the guy.... I am married and my wife knows my situation.

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same here.

im also a young married man but now my marriage with my wife seems not good and were planning to get not happy anymore bcoz im getting interested and attracted to matured old men i dont know very much curious and seeking to have a relationship or even a friend at first im willing to try and got serious.
im handsoem and dont have any experience yet and i love to try matured men no matter what nationality are you came from.

add me on m y facebook account i came from the philippines.

search and add me MARLON SABONSOLIN....tanks looking for a serious good men out there...

Hi I like the way you think

I felt the same 15 years ago. My wife had lost interest and I was frustrated. I had just gotten the Internet and tried a chat room to see if other guys were having the same issue - I needed to talk to someone about it. A guy from a city an hour away began chatting with me, he was a recent widower. Long story short, we exchanged phone #'s and began having phone sex. I had the most intense *******. On a business trip later that year I met him and we spent 24 hours naked and enjoying each other so passionately - it felt normal.

For me it was amazing - the danger is getting hooked on it and not qualifying your partners. Over the years I have met a few great partners but there are a lot of people trolling around. As I got older I'm more patient. Now I have a married friend I go to the gym with. When we have opportunity we get together and service each other. Kind of very civilized but I can understand people will find this unusual.
Good luck all!

I am in the same place that you are. I've been married now for 26 1/2 years and I've recently in the past couple of years thought about sucking a ****. Prefer someone who is married and clean. I used to chat with a couple of guys and talk about j/o together but we never got anything going. I love my wife; sex is great with her. But, it's like a lot of guys say, it's an experience worth trying. So, I'm open to sucking my first ****.


If anyone is near northern Idaho message me, I'm 19 and feel the same as many of you. An STD is my worst nightmare though so I want safety to be the biggest concern.

I'm a 52 year old married man who's been married 28yrs. Started sucking **** 12 years ago and found out that I loved the feel of a hard **** in my mouth. It didn't take anything away from sex with my wife, I personally feel that it made it better. I'm glad that I sucked a **** and I would recommend to anyone thinking about it to try it once. Their is nothing worse than wishing and wondering what it's like. Now that my wife isn't interested in sex I think about sucking **** every day. Wish my friend didn't have to move out of town. Like most here wife doesn't know about my desire, it would be nice if I could get her to suck a **** with me, or give me here blessing to enjoy myself. Live is to short not to enjoy yourself.

really guys sucking a c*** is the best I'm 68 married and my wife an I have sucked a lot of c*** together, she has stop having sex now, but I'm still sucking

Need a ****

I'm the same, married, never experienced, very cautions, not happy with the thought, but feel I need to do this.

I feel the same. Have erotic feelings about playing with a guy and sucking each other. Have tried it a couple times over last six years and always felt so guilty about cheating even though I've told myself it really is not cheating since I don't love guys......just like playing with a different clock. I'm 65 now and wish I could find a local married guy in the same situation for safe occational play.

U need to find a man whos in the same position. This way you can both endulge in hot sweaty discreet sex. Im a married man with 3 kids. I love my wife but she cant **** me balls deep bareback and **** in my hole. For like 2 years I stayed silent and one day at work I was talking with another employee in the same situation. Because he also has a wife and kids and doesn't want to ruin his life we both shag each other discreetly. We only have each other and our wifes so dont catch any gay STDs. Once every month we book a hotel for 2-3 nights and **** till we **** in each other. Sooo HOT!! He's big **** rams me till the morning and then I abused his hole till the night ;) im soo glad I found him ryt under my nose. His **** is just so big. We love each other and our wifes. I never regret letting him entre my tight arse which only he invades!

You've really tapped a nerve with this. Thanks for posting! I feel the same way as everyone else.

I know what you mean. I have mixed feelings but at the same time I want a man so bad!! I have never even came close to it though. I am married and have kids and love my wife. However I would love to be taken by a man. I would love it!! I do not think it will ever happen. Like you I don't want a " right now" or a boy friend.

Same here I know how you feel


i relate alot to what you wrote. thanks for sharing your story.

you sound a lot like me.

I am married a,d bi, but my wife doesn't know!! I would like my male lover to have sex with my wife while I watch and jerk off.
I mentioned a ********* with my wife while having sex and she seemed interested but she changed her mind. I shared naked pics of my wife with my amn lover and he loves them.
does anyone have a fantasy of how they would make love to my wife while I watch?? We prefer mature men 50-60.
if its juicy enough I will show my wife and maybe this will
move us forward.

I am 51 and have just recently began to wonder what it would be like to play with another man. I think the ********* is the most comfortable way I could initiate such an encounter though.
I would very much like to see some pictures of your wife.
I would also very much like to make out while you watched. I would kiss and caress her knowing that you are getting as excited as I am making your wife. I would slip my hands up her blouse and undo her bra. Freeing her breasts so I could feel the warm soft mounds. I would gently caress them until I felt her nipples become erect between my fingers. My mouth would replace my fingers as I suckled your wife's breasts.
While my lips are sucking my ands would of course slide down between her thighs for a tempreture reading. when I feel her moistness My fingers would begin to massage her *****.
Once she became aroused enough I would bury my face between her thighs and let my tongue slide and probe her slit.
Thats when I would look over my shoulder and signal for you to join us. So she enjoy stimulating you orally while I gobbled her up.
We would have to change positions so that I could mount her from behind and fill her with my throbbing meat.
We could roll her to her back and use all four of our hands to play with her.
fingering her until she asks for more.
We could then take the opportunity to touch each other. stroking your **** while I fingered your wife. Mmmm.

So true! Same here is difficult to explain the feeling but you explained well.

Same here, thanks for sharing!

Same situation here. I get ya!

I understand completely in same situation .

It seems that there are a lot of men in this situation, myself included. I have sucked **** and loved it. Meet with someone when his time permits and mine, so its very rarely. Always looking for someone nearby.

It sounds like there are a lot of us guys here in the same situation. I'm married and I want to stay that way. It has nothing to do with how sexually satisfied I am in my marriage; it's just an experience that I want to have, and I do not want to get to the place where I regret not having had sex with a man. I am waiting for the right opportunity to do this in a safe way.

Me too same situation lets start by trading emails and maybe pics. Lets make each other hard and ***.

I want to try

guys,i am married and happy with my wife for 45 years,and i felt the same as you all do,but then 1 day i finally said to myself,you'll never know until you try and i did,and wow,it was awesome,especially when hwe shot a load of hot *** in my mouth,and i swallowed every drop,and i'm glad i took the plunge,should have done it years ago,go for it,then you'll understand,and wonder why it took so long to try

Had it when i was young and also want to try it again, happily married but want to feel that way again.

Me too love to chat about it see where it goes

Okay, so there are lots of other guys who feel the same way. i feel much better. i too, don't want a 'boyfriend', am not gay, and get turned on by Women. i have never looked at a guy and thought he was hot.
Why do i have these bi curios thoughts? Possibly because as i slave i think of a Mistress ordering me to suck a guys ****. What to do? Another reason is that i don't want to have regrets when i get too old to do anything. My third reason is that i think about sex all the time. i love being naked and being seen naked. Many men have seen me naked.
i have a fantasy and want to make it real, at least try it out. i would like to serve a couple, a male and female who are both dominant. i'll try anything once!!

I've been having these feelings a lot too. In the same situation. I don't even know where to start.

Same boat as all you guys. Love to blow a man, in a committed lovely relationship.

Well I am commenting on this page not because I am a man who feels this way but I am the wife of a man who I beleive has felt this way and will not admit that he still does. We are trying to work this out in our marriage becasue he was causght sending out emails to 10 different men on craigslist ads but never went through with it. My question is why, if you are happily married...and with kids? Someone please help me understand this dilemma.

its not about you at all,nd he loves you,he just wants to see what it is like to suck a ****,nothing wrong with that,i was that way,and now i enjoy have a **** in my mouth,i love to feel it explode in my mouth and i do swallow all.just tell him to be careful,and hell,you may like it if he done it in front of you,think about it,its just sex,not love

I ama 52 year old man, married and have been thinking about being with a man for a while now.I stilled love women

I sooo identify with you guys....have had bi-curious feelings for years, though happily married. It just sounds so hot, and I have always felt that another guy would know exactly what a guy likes.

Oh, man I so feel this way, and have for a long time....I am happily married, but I think there are many others out there like me wh just won't admit it

Would luv to chat more in very similar situation.

Hi,<br />
<br />
I am in Cincinnati and in the same situation. MWM safe and sane. Let's talk.

Gosh, hi ya byecuriousguy, we r not alone indeed, a 35 yr old asian/malaysian guy married to a lovely wife with one boy, I will never admit that I like guys "that way" openly due to many reasons. There just seem to be the lack of such honest forums or even guys opening up here, but whats worst is that I am in Far off Malaysia. how are you coping with it? & is anyone close by?

Well... I guess I found the place to get some of my questions answered. I also am Bi curious; however, my curiosity is with a Trans Gender Girl. I am also Married and just discovered these feelings and as with the rest the wife doesn't know. Not looking to dive into anything yet, but willing to research these feelings further. Not really into Men but something about a Girl with a **** turns me on.

I am in the same situation as you. I would like to find a guy who is actually willing to go through with it but not immediately. I would like to be a bi curious guy's first experience.

Another guy in your situation. Looks like I found a place to start meeting guys that may want to take next step. I often have feelings about a **** getting hard in my mouth. And of another sucking me for the very first time. The visuals I get are so erotic.

I so know the feeling.<br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing your feelings