Should I Experiment ?

I am 100% str8 although recently I have been a bit bi curious.Sometimes I find my self watching gay **** and I feel that it seems way more fun and freaky which is why I always find myself tuning in.For example i would love to have my *** rimmed and feet licked on a regular basis,but dam near all of the women I come in to contact seem to be turned off just by the thought of that. With that being said i figure i am a very sexual person and may need to resort to men to fulfill my sexual desires.Do you think it is a good idea ?

 If so where can I find some twinks in the nyc area?
corey357 corey357
2 Responses Sep 17, 2012

Hey I definitely understand where you are coming from, it's hard to find someone you trust enough to experiment with, but I think you should try it, if you are already thinking about it. I'm in the same situation as you, and I also live in NYC. If you're interested in talking some more, send me your email and we can chat.

I think is a very good idea, why limit your pleasure? I was like you, then tried it and loved it, wondered why I didn't try it bi all the time!!!