First Time

I often imagine what my first experience with another man would be like. How we would meet. What would happen .what we would do. How it would feel.
Would it be better than I thought ?
It started when the conversation began between myself and my friend John. We both had a few drinks and decided to watch some **** together. He asked me if I ever thought about doing it with another guy. I was surprised but joined in I don't know how bout you. Looking down at the bulge in my pants he smiled well never before but I'm finding that seeing that bulge is making me curious. Smiling and somewhat flattered I looked at his growing bulge and said that's hot me too. Do you want to see me? I did and told him so. He opened his buckle and unzipped he wasn't wearing any underwear and his **** sprang out. My eyes were glued on his erection. It was beautiful a full eight inches bright red at the tip which was already wet with precum.
Robbo23 Robbo23
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3 Responses Dec 10, 2012

my first time with a guy i was so nervous - the second was better and just keeps getting better

even when i was in denial about mysexuaity i would have gone for it. then that kind of situation only came up once and i did blow put not swallow him.

i would all so like to know what it feels like where are you from