Eager To Explore

I am a supposedly heterosexual man who finds that late in life I am interested in exploring a part of me that has been dormant until now...I want to at least talk with men who are bi sexual or gay....I'm not sure if I wish to follow through but I do want to at least look into the possibility...I hope I can be in contact with others who have experience or wish as I do to investigate this part of their sexuality..

hoping to hear from some of you........
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Your story touches me. We are in similar situations. I'm 68, and other than one experience with a man that I had long ago (see my story), I have been with women. I am in a long term marriage now, but there is little intimacy and practically no sex. I yearn for a passionate relationship, and in my fantasies, that involves a man. I just want to have sex with a man. I don't look at **** very much (mostly I read erotic stories), but when I do, I look at men, not the young bucks either, but older guys, closer to my age. I want to touch and taste them, and experience what it would be like to have a penis in my mouth.
I don't know why this has come up at this point in my life. You describe your homosexual urges as having been dormant. Maybe that is true for me as well, but I certainly have not experienced desires like this until now.
So now I have met a man online. He lives in my zip code. We have been exchanging increasingly explicit and erotic notes to one another for the past 6 weeks as well as some photos, and we are at the equivalent of the "heavy petting" stage (as much as you can do that online).
He wants wants to meet; he has asked several times, and, believe me, I want to meet with him, but I keep putting him off.
It is my marriage that keeps me from moving ahead on this. I love my wife and our marriage, and I certainly don't want to threaten it. Taking this step with my online "lover" is very risky for me. I'm really torn about this right now. I don't know whether to surrender to my passions or go take a cold shower.

i am 65 and been very curious for awhile and would like to meet someone in same boat that woould not be pushy and we could just play around and see how it goes,,,im in princeton,indiana

I also started late in life and found a friend that was bi I could talk to and after talking for a bit I decided to try bi sex, at least the oral part, and found out that I really enjoyed it, both giving and receiving. I have a friend that I swap bjs with on occasion and we both enjoy it and go our own way happy.

that' s exactly what I would love to have in my life right now.....I have a neighbor who I'm hoping to share a relationship with if I can get the courage to approach him....

thanks all

I can relate to how you feel and I would advise to explore if you are comfortable with it, The hard part is finding an understanding partner