I fantasize about sucking **** all the time now. The idea of making someone's **** shoot *** in my mouth makes me really super horny.
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Having your lips wrapped around a mans hard **** and feeling it throb as *** explodes into your mouth is just such a hot feeling! I love knowing that I was the person who made that **** feel so good it just started ******* in my mouth!

a bit to old to shoot to hard, but would love to try

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reading ur fantasy is making me horny...

wanna some help?

yeah me tooo cant stop thinking and ************ about it either

I know exactly how you feel! I'm going through much the same situation right now. I want to but have no opportunity. Good luck!

I know how you feel, I'd love to find out what it is like to have a **** in my mouth.

Go for it sweetie, it is so very awesome !!! I can't get enough.

What does it feel like to make someone *** in your mouth?

It is so special honey knowing your have just given so much pleasure and now have your reward. I love the taste and everything about it.

i know these thoughts