Bi For Years

I have known that I'm bi at the very least since I was a child. My mates all had crushes on women mine were on men. Debby Harry? No, I fancied Bowie. Marilyn Monroe? Tony Curtis was my dream. But when I was younger the only role models we had were awful. In England they were john Inmann or larry grayson. Also my old head master who was paedophilic. So not much positive reinforcement there. When I moved schools I found other bi guys but because I didnt fit into their group I never had any joy there. I did come out and every one knew but I never had any takers. Just not very attractive I guess. Then there were the drugs from a very early age and the breakdown when I was about 19 and I lost my confidence. Thats been it. Now im in a marriage I don't want but have to stay in for my daughter for a while (dont want to upset her when she's just left home to go to uni). But I have the Internet and I have a web enabled phone I can take to the bathroom. So here I am in the bath typing this, hoping to make a few contacfs to chat to and share with.
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1 Response Jan 6, 2013

I'm married and GAY............well bi I guess. Two kids and a grandson. Too late for me. Hope you are OK.