First Time

I guess I always was curious about what it would be like to experiment with another man but of course something I always kept to myself. When I was 30 my wife and I broke up and a close friend offered to let me stay at his house. I was broke financially and emotionally and welcomed the opportunity. He had a girl friend and I was married so the thought of doing one thing together never entered my mind. After a few weeks away from my wife and having had no sex I found myself ************ a lot and fantasizing about the possibility of a bisexual encounter. One night we were at home after a lot of partying and I let my secret out. My friend laughed and said that I should not feel like that was wring and that he had thought about it too and often jerked off in the next room.
He slid over next to me and slowly slid his hand between my legs to my crotch. How does that feel? I was shocked but it felt good and I had an immediate erection he could clearly see. Don't be worried just go with it he said its our secret. I was really buzzed and getting turned on and agreed. I want to touch you too I said as I put my hand on his ****. I could feel his bulge and my arousal increased. He opened my zipper and took out my **** . Feeling his hand on it was incredibly hot and I was getting even more aroused. He looked at it as he stroked me saying he thought my **** was beautiful and then he leaned over and slid it into his mouth. I was so turned in I told him he should top or I would *** but he took me deeper moaning as he took all of me in his mouth. I stated to *** shooting so hard my body was trembling. He took it all and swallowed it. Smiling he said was that good just enjoy he feeling and he continued to tease my sensitive **** . It felt so good I stared to get hard again. I wanted to show him how much I loved it so I moved between his legs and pulled his jeans down. His **** was incredible . Im about six inches with a nice mushroom head. He was almost nine , thick as my wrist and uncut. It ws the first tie I had ever seen him or any **** so big. I couldn't take my eyes off it and enjoyed trying every way I could to please him. I could barely take it not my mouth and focused on licking and teasing its head and tasting his precum. I spent what seemed like an hour working him with my mouth finally relaxing enough to take him deeply into my mouth. He isn't force it and eat me take him t my own pace. As he layer back watching me moaning I found I really loved doing his for him. I found all the right things to do learning from his responses. Finally I stroked him with two hands as I worked the tip of his ock with my mouth. I could tell he was ready I decided to take him into my mouth. He exploded it was hot, sweet and filled my mouth till it overflowed back into his ****. I licked him slowly clean and we both slept exhausted and smiling.
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Wow. That was so hot

you said it was your "first time"? Have there been others,SINCE? Also,you ARE aware of the other ways that men can satisfy one another,aren't you? Do you feel any desires to experiment along THOSE lines? Just wondering.

nice hot story

Wonderful story wish I knew you think we could make each other happy thanks for posting

True friends I must say. You 2 have just made me want it more. Thnka you for sharing it with us.