I've Always Been

i have always been a straight guy in the eyes of my friends, family and other people. acting and behaving like one every single day. but when im alone i have this weird feelings and desire that somehow makes me more confused of who really am i..

i love ******* off, i love watching ****, when i say **** i mean its the gay ****, i watch gay porns more than i watch straight porns. and i cant help but to imagine im ******* a guyor being ****** up..

i am a guy who wants to experiment a lot of things.. i want to kiss a guy, i want to jerk off somebody else but i dont have the gutts to do it, mainly because im scared to ask someone to do it with me.

this has always been in my mind, i always wanted to taste a guys *** and eventually swallow them.. thinking that makes me more hornier.. is it okay to swallow a guy's *****? i mean, isnt that gonna affect anything in our health?
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2 Responses Jan 9, 2013

I know how you feel I honestly feel the same way and still do

yeah and its a **** lol hope all is good with you now bro

No you will not have any side effects from swallowing a man's *****. You will think it feels a bit strange at first but the flavor is quite enjoyable. Not sweet, and not too salty but unique in flavor. Spend some time tasting your own ***** and see if it is apealling to you.

awesome.. i hope it really does.. lol i really want to have it swallowed