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I have been so conflicted lately.  I have a roommate and best friend and I have know since the day we met that he is bisexual.  I love him for who he is no matter who he's with or what he does in life.  However there in lies my problem.  Recently, as in a few months ago, have felt strangely, almost physically attracted to the same sex.  Not so much to my best friend, but to others around me, including a few co-workers.  I tried to push the feelings away, but they became so strong that I finally told my friend how I had been feeling and although he was supportive, I still seem to feel an empty and lonely void.  I want to experiment and am open to the idea of a same-sex co-mingling, yet I don't really know how to present the idea to another willing participant.  You would think my friend being single and all would jump at the idea of a straight guy wanting to try something new.  He, however, doesn't want to ruin any friendship ties with me, which is completely understandable.  Please do not think I am some crazy sex-driven fiend on the prowl, I just want to experience other options that life may have to offer.  Another problem is that besides him, I really don't know any other guys close to my age that may want to talk or be open to my thoughts and ideas.  If anyone reads this who may have some positive answers or feedback, I would be so appreciative.

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Gay all my life, since I was five years old (!), so ask anything you want!

I will talk to you concerning your feelings. I too have similar desires.<br />
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Main thing is just be honest to yourself. You can either wait for the opportunity to present itself (what I do) or you can seek out a willing partner<br />
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Thanks for sharing