My Sexuality?

I guess you can call me Bi since I'm not totally straight but certainly not gay either. In fact I'm not really attracted to men at all but am very attracted to women. The only appeal a man has to me is his penis, which I mostly only experience when I'm dressed. I am still exploring this part of me as I only recently started fooling around with men. I think it started with my fascination and attraction to shemales and then kept evolving until one day I was using butt plugs and ****** on myself while fantasizing about a real **** in my mouth or ***. Then a few months ago I took the plunge and tried the real thing with a CD admirer and enjoyed it. I've had sex with 4 men altogether, some better experiences than others. I've found out, however, that I get much more satisfaction out of ******* a girl-I just feel better about myself when I do. I consider myself to be about 95% straight since I don't really crossdress that often, even though I've been doing it all my life, and usually only think about **** when I do dress. Heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual-whatever, I'm just sexual!

Having written all that, I also wonder sometimes about my crossdressing future. I have been dressing for as long as I can remember. One of my earliest memories was wearing my sister's shoes and dress when I was just 4 or 5 years old. it continued throughout my childhood, teens and now into my 20s. I know some CDs don't start until their teens or 20s when it's a very sexual thing almost always accompanied by ************. It is for me too and has been since my teens, but what about when I was a child and there was no sexual facet to it? This has always puzzled me. And then I read about older CDs who say they now just dress to relieve stress and have left the ************ behind. Is that what will happen to me too? Or am I going to have a mid life crisis and realize that it's not just crossdressing, but that I want to be full time woman? So many questions
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Lots of questions and and so few answers... Wish i knew those answers too. More so.... Wish i was a passable cd , at least fuckable so i too could be to object of attention and desires....

i didn't know how to reply to this / your great post , but after reading the responses before mine... I see they have pretty well covered all the bases and seem to have good insight - to our practices . I could never come up with a reasonable / good enough of an answer for my ex- wife. Guess what... I still don't know what it is about dressing in womens clothes that keeps me happiest. I have heard maybe I want to be so much closer than I am , to women.

I think you are discovering that most TG people have much in common, and yet, we are simultaneously on our own paths, with unique experiences. I think I'm reading that you are confused with trying to label yourself. Well, there is really no need to attempt to define your thoughts and feelings that way. Sexually, it's fine to experiment, discover what you like and what you don't like. As to crossdressing, it is a state of mind that is part of you. But like everyone, it is only a part. So, naturally, the feelings that it derives in you will be different at different times of your life.

I am very similar to you in this regard. I am much more attracted to women. The only time I'm into guys is when dressed, and then its only really the psychological aspect of role reversal, giving in to a dominant man and the penis that attract me. I dressed in family members clothes in my teens to ********** in, and then here and there over the years I get the urge to do it out of kinda sexual exploration more than any gender/attraction confusion. I just go with it and figure it is what it is.

All of your questions can only be answered by you. Everyone is different, and your experiences in life will shape who you become. Cross dressing is not necessarily a sexual thing in itself, but human beings are sexual creatures, so your sexuality is a part of everything you do in life.

Baby- I just love to Cross dress, & I'm Bi. Its the best of both worlds. Theres no way I could come close to passing. While meeting other Cds is not that easy when your in the closet, it never gits old. When I cross dress I still love to play with myself. Feels so good when you *** & your dressed. Just Love it.