Always Loved Nylons

I started wearing nylons at 12 years of age and still do , in fact I am wearing them as I write this . The bi part started about 10 years ago when I meet with another CD and had oral sex with another man for the first time . It was a rushed meeting and I was left wanting more . It would be 2 years before I found someone else to share my fetishes with and that goes on to this very day . I would love to meet others that share my feelings . I live in the New England area (MA) and warm days are getting closer .

chrissycd2000 chrissycd2000
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6 Responses Mar 12, 2009

I too have had a thing for nylons and pantyhose all of my life. My girlfriend and I get together with a guy friend and we all wear pantyhose or stay-ups. I especially like it when we both lick and suck his lovely **** together. And then they do me!

Baby- The first time is always so Hot. But so is the second third & fourth times.

I have the same feelings for nylons...started wearing when I was 12....and then at the age of 34 I tried my first ever shemale...That was awesome!!! I wish i would have explored myself earlier as I never knew how much fun having anal sex really was....

love to find a cd to dress & play in az

id love to fine a guy that would **** me like a **** in newport gwent

i'm in fla. but i'd love to find a cd with oral wants and needs like mine. i'm bi but never had the chance. good luck.