Bi Male Looking To Connect With Other Bi, Gay And Straight But Not Narrow Men.

I am bi, 60, married and living North of Boston. When I came out, late in college, there was not a lot about bisexuality and I had to figure out a lot of things on my own. I was in a relationship with a man for 8 years and identified as gay, but had a couple girlfriends along the way. I was still calling myself gay when I met my wife. We have a great relationship.
I have not had many sexual experiences outside of our marriage, but there have been a couple. I used to have a job that involved some travel and I was once going regularly to a city that had a jack off club. This was quite fun.
I like to wear panties and other lingerie and have a few other interests I'll write about in other groups.
I think it would be fun to hang out with a small group of guys and talk about our sexual discoveries, maybe share a few.
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Hi! I would love to talk:) message or add me

I would really like that. I come to MA on rare occasions.

I`m in, let me know.

The jack off club sound very hot. I would probably come to quick though if I was in a group like that. Too exciting.....

OMG I would love to tatse what you have in your panties yummo

Alton I have never been in one (would love too) but it is a group of guys that get together and jack off , sometimes more than just jack but that depends on the group .

Hello,<br />
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I'm in. I would love to know what a Jack off club is. Can you let me know?<br />
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Thanks,<br />

Smiling , the more the merrier !

Good to see you joined the group ! We seem to have a lot in common , bi,lingerie,married,North Shore and our age . I was in my fifties when I finally admited to myself that I am bi although I did have some experience as a kid . My wife has no idea of my other side ,