Closet Bisexual Male

I am bisexual and have had some limited experiance , I am in my early 60's married and in the closet . I also have a fetish for wearing nylons and sometimes lingerie . Having met several others on line I have become much more comfortable with my feelings , just knowing that there are so many guys that share these desires has really helped me to accept myself . My goal in starting this discussion is to get to know others in the same situation and to hopefully make some new friends in my area . I believe that anyone coming into this group knows that our main concern is being discrete .

chrissycd2000 chrissycd2000
61-65, M
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My story too!

let me know if ur ever in TX. I`m descrete, & willing.

Another from Mass here crissy we could have fun in your closet

Sure could

Nh here crissy.. would love to hide in the closet with you

hi chrissy, your story is similar to many others. when you say still in the closet, does your wife know?. most of us are pretty much in a closed circle of family and/or friends. discfretion is paramount. these forums is a great way to seek like minded people to talk to. good luck. mielcaliente