How Do You Just Get It Out?

Kay, I'm at a diffiulty. I discovered that I'm bi this past summer. Sice school started I've just been wanting to scream it to the world and get it out there, but I don't quite know how. Do I just go into class one day and shout "Hey, guess what? I'm gay!" (Words in quote are literally from the song "If you were gay" from the musical Avenue Q).
Also, I need help figuring out how to tell my mom...
Can anybody give me good advice on this? Please?
RikouImorain RikouImorain
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4 Responses Sep 23, 2011

Your not bi

I had a friend in high school she did the same thing. Is this your first gay experience/ relationship, got you feeling all brand new. Mom wasn't excepting. Friends thought she was crazy and now she is straight again. Just a phase, it will pass.

...You shouldn't do that because not everybody is accepting of Lesbians , Gays, Or Bisexuals ...You should only tell the people that really matter to you like close friends and family members. About telling your mom , you should find out what she thinks about the LGBT Community. When I told my mom I was a lesbian she didn't care and she accepts me for who I am :)

First I told my friends, and as you can be sure would happen, it started to spread around because people cant help themselves. Then when the bully's would comment on it I always had the same answer. "Yes it's true, I'm proud of it and I feel sorry for straight people who miss out on what we experience for their entire lives because they let society dictate their lives" No-one ever picks on me anymore :)

I know how you feel! LOL! I just recently found out that I'm bi, too. And I feel like everyone should know, but I don't know how to say it. BY THE WAY, I know that song ^_^ Hahah, but anyway... Since I am going through the same thing, I don't have very good advice. I'm sorry::/ But you can message me if you ever need to talk!:D and if you tell your parents, let me know how it goes! XD

Thank you, I think is a proper response. It's good to know there are other teens out there who are in the same position. I'll try to keep you posted if I do manage to tell my parents, but I may forget... All in all, thanks for the support. ^^