I Was Scared...

Well. Im 14 and Im bi. I asked myself so many times why and when did it happened. I was scared for some time but then it just stopped. My best friend and another friend(just friend),they know.One of them kept  telling me that im roining my life and that it's just phase.But it's not!Im watching girls the same way i watch boys.And i've been thinking how and when will i tell it to my parents:When i'll have 18 years old and some place to live in. Im fine with beeing this person that i am and tht's it. Im really happy but still lonley.Im lonley yeah. Sometimes i feel like nothing just peace of biG big NOTHING.BUT IT'S OK.
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Being bi is NOT ruining your life

Also, people shouldn't judge- this is only a little part of your life. There are many other aspects to you, to ANY PERSON, that make them who they are. You shouldn't overemphasize it either because there is so much more you offer to the world other than that. You nor anyone else should catagorize you by just that.

I hope that you are happy with who you are and people accept you for that. Be sure to make good choices though. If you haven't told your parents, I think you should really get advice on how to do it with tact when your older. If your religious, maybe a pastor, but if not, go to an adult you trust and ask for help. A guidance councelor is good.
I'm religious but I don't want you to think that I'm mean. I think that you are perfect just the way you are and that God recognizes that. Good luck! :)

going through the same thing. I have been bi since I was 14 and have been in denial. well Now I am seventeen I have actually worked up the guts to accept myself and to come out to some people. Your friend is being stupid, you're not ruining your life. I have the same problem about my Mom. she is always so...judgmental anyway but to find out her daughter is Bi? Heck she'd probably kick me out or go mental.

dont put ur self down , be proud
message me if u want to chat ?

Your true friends are the ones that support tight, obviously they are not gonna because you are who you are and they have to deal with it, if they continue to bring you down well then drop em cause they don't deserve you. That is why in my opinion you should tell your parents or at least just one I was stressing over a period of a week asking myself if I should tell mum and if she would still love me, but when I did she said she was fine with it and she didn't keep talking about it and she made it really easy. And there is other people out there just like you thinking theyre lonely you just have to find them. Good luck xx

Don't be scared i think im bi too

my friends all like me just the same, my mum doesn't believe me, but she doesn't really care. is your family religious?

that sucks D: well, you know you can always do what you want when you're older, but if you really want your parents to know and believe you and except you, you should probably have a long serious talk about with them--if you know for sure they're someone you can trust.

I told my best friend she said she was cool with it and left it, then I told my mum (in a letter) she said she was fine with it and that she will always love me no matter what then I told my other friend. Just do it gradually and if they don't like it there not true friends, true friends will support u, especially ur mum she should be the most supportive, just try if she doesn't like it then tell her this is who I am deal with it. Hope this helps xx :D

I was scared at first and when i first toldmy mom i ferl she was a bit up set. Then she just went back to normal never really saying anything about it.

No. She just took in wat i had to say was silent for about a day. Then went back to normal. Never gave me a hard time about.

I told my mom and sister only. No one else knows. Add me I'd love to chat