A Girl So Right, But A Feeling So Wrong

I met a girl just a few days ago. She is beautiful, kind, talented, so funny, and makes everyone smile just by walking into a room. I instantly was attracted to her. I thought that she was attracted to me too and I was right. I got a text message one day. It was from my best friend (guy friend). He told me this girl wanted to talk to me about something. I was overjoyed at the thought of this attractive and amazing girl wanting to talk to me. ME! So I gave him permission to give her my number. And then it happened. She texted me. She asked the most peculiar question. She told me that she thought she might be bi and she wanted to know what to do. I told her the first step to finding this out, was to talk about it. She has a 50/50 attraction to both males and females. She would look at a girl she liked the same way she would look at a guy. She told me she has never been with a girl and was wondering what it was like. I told her that I would help her the best I could with this because I too at one point knew how difficult it was to be confused about this. I told her I would be there for her. I even offered to be the 'experimental game.' She was happy I offered that as if she was trying to ask all along.

As the days turned into weeks of us playing the same game, I began to notice something. I actually am growing feelings for this girl! I thought she had feelings for me too, but then...She said it. She liked a boy. She had met him before she met me. Seeing his name everywhere, hearing about him, seeing her smile at him the way I wanted her to smile at me, it was all too unbearable. So I told her the truth. I told her how I felt about her. She told me she felt the same, but she liked him more. I told her it was okay. That all I cared about was her happiness and that I was still going to be there for her and be a friend. But I couldn't be her experiment anymore. In the end I lost a potential love, but gained a really great friend.
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3 Responses Sep 14, 2012

That was really sweet of you to help her like that and to still be there for her. I'm sorry you had to go through all of that just to find out she had feelings for someone else, though.

You're really sweet and understanding :)

glad it all turned out good

your very welcome

sorry about that but im glad u gained a really good friend

thats good :)