When I Came Out

When i was 13 i started considering my sexuality. I had many guy friends and mostly hung out with guys but i never fancied any of them. When i was 13 and a half i met an amazing girl and it slowly dawned on me like i actually fancied her. I was scared at fist thinking im to young to no who i am so i ignored this feeling. When i was 14 i had found i was very attracted to girls and not really attracted to guys. I had dated some guys during this time but never felt safe around them and never actually really liked them. I then at 14 started to date a girl she was great and i really liked her. She asked me many things about how i felt on my sexuality and i said i wasn't sure if i actually liked guys more or girls. As i was turning 15 i decided to come out i decided i knew i was bi sexual and it was time people knew. Me and this girl didn't work out as i was about to come out to people but i decided people still had a right to no i was bi sexual i realized that it was people not being ale to no me and this girl were seeing each other that actually caused us to break up so i thought people deserve to no. When i manged to tell my mum she turned around to me said bi sexuality doesn't exist and that being a different sexuality is illegal. I couldn't believe what she told me but i was determined to still tell people thinking they had the right top no who i am. When i told my dad he was fine said i was still his daughter as long as im happy that's what matters. I told friends some disowned me some stayed friends with me and some started to bully me over it. When people found out at school i was bullied physically and verbally. I have been beaten up many times for this but i still stand strong and know who i am. I'm bisexual and that's just me and i just hope more people open up like i did. For me to come out was very very difficult but i did it i just hope more people out there can. I still have some people call me horrible names but i just say i cant help who i am. I hope one day i found someone very special who will love me very much i just hope that day is soon.
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You said you were bullied physically. Did they ever hold your arms behind your back or tie your wrists above your head then violently punch you in your belly or boobs? Were your areoles ever pinched or was an object forced between your legs? These questions are strong but people that don't understand your lifestyle sometimes react this way. If it hasn't happened to you, I'm sure you know of someone that was roughed up.

I understand why people do react that way to certain things like this. I will say on here that I do no people that it has happened to the question about has it happened to me i suggest you private message me on that

Nicely written, thanks for sharing

thank you