How I Learned I Like Guys

I'm new to this so sorry if this sounds dumb: I used to consider myself straight until middle school when I was in gym once in the changing room, at my middle school we had showers that people used, well there was a guy who was leaving for the day and I walked into the locker rooms about 2 minutes after and I say him jacking off in the shower but he didnt see me, it was my first time seeing a guys penis besides my own and it took me a few months to finally tell myself I was bi, I started getting curious after seeing and that's what made me realize, but I'm not out about it, only 3 people know
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Nothing wrong with being curious or bi

I wish I could come out to my parents but I'm afraid of what they'll think of me, my dad already see's me as a disapointment :(

No one knows I m bi but I m