Bi Is Awesome... Ok Maybe.

the thing is is that i have done alot of stuff with a guy,my best friend,but not alot with girls...and im kinda pissed i havent because i dont want him to think im gay.

i wanna be involved with girls but today,its easier to do stuff with him than a girl;...**** hs tennagers,
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1 Response Dec 1, 2012

Bi *IS* awesome-- it's society's attitudes toward bisexuals that aren't so awesome. There are too many problematic stereotypes and outright lies out there about bisexuals for me to address here, but keep in mind that straight men often try to take advantage of bi women. If you are with him because you want to be, then that's great, but please have some compassion for yourself and do what's right for YOU. Not wanting to be physical with a particular male friend doesn't define your identity. In fact, NO ONE has to prove their sexual orientation to anyone! I'm sorry to say but just based on the very small amount of information you've given I think you need to consider the possibility that rather than being your "best friend," this guy is just trying to take advantage of you for his own physical pleasure. A true friend allows you the freedom be free to be who you are, rather than forcing you to conform to stereotypes of who he thinks you should be.

*edit* Whoa I thought this was a new post and just now I see the date! I hope things have gotten better for you now, a year and a half later...