I Love My Friend.

My best friend is bi. I am too. I think I like her, maybe more. I have talked to her about it, and I believe she likes me too. What do I do?
zdani12 zdani12
13-15, F
3 Responses Dec 3, 2012

Just go for it!!!

Well just ask her! I've done that before with my ex! I sound way too happy about my ex.... Ew.... Forget that, if she's bi then go for it!!!!! Never know until you try!!!!! Hahaha P.S Love the pic

Do what you think is nessasary, talk to her. She might like you more then you think. Sometimes people are scared and sometimes people don't know what they feel. Some people like one person but they are in love with another person so they don't really know how they feel. Just talk to her, alone.