My Choice

My body first started to tell me that I liked girls when my best friend would spend the night. When I was around her my body reacted in a way that I didn't understand. I didn't understand it so I didn't act on it. (this was in my early years of highschool) We were best friends for a year or two, then the worst came about..

A new girl moved here, she was cute. The first time I interacted with her socially was when I sat on her desk, having no motive behind it but just wanting to start random conversation. She was controlling me, and I couldn't see it. She acted so sweet and innocent when she wasn't, she was lying to me about my best friend and eventually tore us apart.

I dated this new girl...the first girl I had ever been with...
I eventually broke up with her because I was tired of her emotionally abusing me.
Me and my old best friend are friends again, I still like her though there is a little problem...
She's living with this guy who doesn't care about her at all...he just wants someone that will give him attention and have sex with him...
She doesn't know whether or not she wants to be with him.
She knows I like her, I told her and she told me she liked me back but she is stuck in a position right now. She has to live with him until she graduates, which will be in a few weeks.
The only reasons I think she considers staying with him is because she has a good heart and she loves his family. She has a fragile me...she is letting someone take advantage of her because she cares...just like I did with my ex...

I have learned a lot from being with my ex and I'm a lot more open about relationships and things, but should I have dated my best friend instead of my ex?... Did I make the wrong choice?

I wish she would take herself into consideration more than the person who is using her... :(
I actually care about her...he doesn't...
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2 Responses Dec 5, 2012

She ended up being completely wrong for me and didn't care. I'm with someone that I couldn't imagine myself being without.

The best thing you can do right now is forget the past and try to make a better future for yourself and the girl you're crushing on. The only thing you should have to offer is your heart and if she wants it, she will ditch that guy who is treating her like crap and go for you. :)