Other Bi Teens

My name is Jacob, but I go by JT.
I've know I was bi since middle school. I would get 'happy' in the locker room. And I hated it. I didn't know what to do about it.
I'm a freshman in high school now, and I still don't know any bi or gay guys.
I just wanna be able to talk to some LGBT kids around my age.
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18-21, M
3 Responses Dec 9, 2012

Hey I'm bi and I know exactly where you're at I've been there I actually came out freshman year there's nothing to worry about you feel good afterwards when you're ready to come out also do worry about what no one elses says you do you and be happy X)

Heeeeey, I'm Bisexual too. I knew I was Bi Curious since 2nd-8th. Yeah that early. I'm a Sophomore in High School and I'm Bisexual now. LOL read my stories. I'd love to be your friend. To be honest reading your story/experience made me giggle and smile. The reason why is because you would get 'happy' in the locker room. That's too cute. I know you hate it, but you just can't help it. I'll add you. You can message me anytime.

I understand you. Just be yourself. Don't be ashamed of what you've become. What you are now has a purpose. Just enjoy no matter what happen in your life, it's your happiness that matters most. Act like just the normal you and people will accept you. and if they don't, it's their problem not yours :)