Best Of Both Worlds!

i dont know if u can really call me bi.
i will tell u how i feel and maybe u guys have some suggestions!
i have kissed a girl but not a boy.
i think about boys, like that, but not girls.
if i waas goin to look at pics of either lesbians or straights i would pick lesbians.
i dont look at a girl and think "shes soo hot do u think she would go out with me"
i reallly like lots of boys like that.
i would go out with both genders and i love it!
i dont feel like its anythin dfininite cause in different situations i have a dif response
but i just am thinkin about it more and i decided on thinkin of myself like this...
i love everyone! im happy!
im young but i guess im not the only one out there thinkin, and doing, things that adults say teens shouldnt be! i dont care!
if i like them i like them!
i am curiois about everything, if u know wot i mean ;)
and i think this is who i am!
im cool with it. im not gonna go anounce it to anyone cause like i said,
its not really definite cause i dont feel attracted to any girls at the moment now
but u know how i feel.
im not wierd! im me! i dont know wot i am but i guess im lucky.
i flirt with boys and all but i reckon when we get a bit older iwill
flirt with girls too but right now i think were all just begining to firgure things out
and question this stuff!
i have been wondering about it for like 2 yrs but im startin to find new titles!
i wanted to be a lesbian but then i realized how in love i was with boys! ;)
im whoever i am at whatever time. whenever!
thats me! i will work on it and update u if i make an progress!
cya guys!
have fun!
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Kik me taysadon

right now i feel totally straight
the boy im with is all on my mind hahahahaha!! ;)
i reckon it will switch back and fourth to what im feeling in the moment
i dont like any of my friends like that though
nuh ah not happening
that is wicked how my mind can do that! go human brains! hahaha :D
love you all!!!

i guess i'm like you, only the opposite. i've, umm, played with my friends, but actually nothing more than kissing and some fondling of girls. i'm totally turned on by both and can't imagine limiting myself to one or the other.

i can only say... WOW... I like bois, never liked a girl but I lyk the way you are cause u just dont give a damn about wot tha otherz cud eva think of U... U're just U and that is AWESOME... I wish everyone was like You <3

thats so cool that u think that!
holidays nearly here!
thankyou so much!

yaaaaaa :)

hahahahaah! :)


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I so understand what you're saying sweetie....Finally, someone else that thinks & feels like I do...FRIEND ME PLZ

ok hang on

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