One Of My Best Friends!

I had my best friend to come over & go swimming with me. We sat & talked about a few boys we liked & we agreed that no boys would ever come between us.
We then decided to go swimming. I thought she had her bikini under her clothes, but we I turned around from getting my bikini out of my drawer. She was undressing & her back was facing me. I saw her cute little butt & I started getting wet.
I walked up behind her with out even thinking & wrapped my arms around the front of her & leaned my head down & kissed her neck & fondled her cute little breasts. She then laid her head back on my chest/shoulder.
Then she turned around & leaned in & kissed me. I kissed back & slid in a little tongue. She then began to undress me. Then when I was undressed she started playing with my breasts & *****. As we started playing with each other, we heard someone coming & we stopped & started putting on our bikini's.
Just in time to because it was my dad. He was mad because I had the door locked. Thats the day I discovered I was Bi. Thank you for reading my experience.
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4 Responses Dec 15, 2012

Loved it. Thanks for sharing :)

That was pretty sexy! Wish it went further ;) thanks for sharing!

What a nice story :-) Good for you

Damn that was pretty hot first experience mine happened somthing like that exploration how could we not be attracted to the most gorgeous beings on the planet enjoy it why your young it aint as much fun as you get older and the butts are wrinkly lol

Lol...but you can excerise your booty & make it firm.. :oP
At first she didnt seem like she was interested then when I felt her body go limp after kissing her neck when I was behind her, I knew she was liking it..hehehehe

One can exercise lol it sounds like she indeed likes your touch and hope it doesn'take your friendship uncomfortable I had no clue I was bi until it happened I was the friend ha me and a pretty friend of mine were having fun her first crush broke up with her and we tepeed his house then ran thru the woods in the dark and when we got back to my house we were pumped and started wrestling around and she grabbed my boob I didn't even know a girl could grab another girls boob so I grabbed hers back and one thing led to another all night long I liked it so much I felt a little akward around her after that but it definately changed me sent my mind in hundred different directions I begin to notice the sexiness of women still do but weather it's male or female it's still feels good and bad sometimes the feelings part be careful who gets your heart and I will remember to work out the gluteus Maximus :)