No One Listens To Me

Hi there! I am new to this site so this is my first story. Uhmm.... well to start off, I am not really sure if i am bisexual because i have nobody to talk to. I am afraid that people will shun me because i am different from them or they will say that i am not "normal." I tried once to "come out" with one of my friends and it ended up hurting me and well here's how it went. It was after school and i was on the verge of tears and i really needed someone to talk to and that was when i saw one of my friends. She saw me and she told me whats wrong and right then and there i thought that i finally have someone to talk to, but when i said that i had a problem, she told me that she doesn't want to hear it and that really hurt me. I tried to hold the tears in and when i got home, i just cried and cried until i fell asleep. So right now i really just need someone to talk to......
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3 Responses Dec 24, 2012

Awhh, don't cry!! I know exactly how you feel, it may feel hard now but it feels so much better when you finally find that person who truly doesn't give whether Bi, Straight, Gay or Triangle!! I'm here if you want to talk

you can talk to me if you want. I was in the same situation.

i m here for ya ^_^