Losing Her

when I was with her I felt like nothing mattered I wanted every moment we spent together to be endless I fell inlove with her fast she was like no other girl she was different I wish we could of stayed together she broke my heart when she told me she was done with me she made it all seem like it was my fault that she was breaking up with me she did more mistakes then me in our relationship when ever I see her I just remember the times I would just go up and kiss her now I see someone else in my spot I just wish she could forgive me for whatever I did wrong she was the love of my life now my life feels impossible with out her I miss her midnight calls and me sleeping on the phone with her she would wake me incase she had a bad dream and I will always protect her well atleast that's what I think
thefallaway055 thefallaway055
18-21, F
Jan 18, 2013