Hi as you can see from my topic I'm hi and I'm proud people!e look down on me and tell me I'm going to hell because I am or some crap like that but I ell them they are too for judgeing wrongly you see I'm a christian too and I believe that I god is really loving then why will he cast me into the fire because I like guys I don't think he will just to all you out there bisexuals, gays, lesbians, trangenders,and pansexuals don't let people tell you what you are doing is wrong let god do that because I'm pretty sure that those people who are talking down to you have something far worse be stong and be who you are.
dannye dannye
18-21, M
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Thanks for sharing your story:)! It is really encouraging:)! Have you ever gone to the site called the gaychristiannetwork by any chance? If not, you should, their support forums are very helpful:)! I hope to hear from you soon:)!

thats right :)