I really need some opinions.

I recently got new roommates, so there's four of us here. One of them has been there for the eight months I have and we are really close friends, I'll call her Anne.
NewGirl#1 blatantly told us she was bisexual weeks ago, which made me really happy.
Last night we all went to a bar. NewGirl#2 admitted to being bicurious, so I confessed I was bi. Personally I thought Anne would be shocked and it would ruin our friendship, but surprisingly she said "why didn't you tell me sooner? so am I." She then asked if I wanted to make out, and we eventually did. Anyways, we made out, then the new girls went to the bathroom with some other bicurious chick. Her boyfriend was very willing to let this happen, and so were the other men.

Back at the house, we dared each other to kiss and the new girls got it on, and so did Anne and I, for a good hour or so, when Anne said she had a huge crush on me then told me she loved me.

She's really uncomfortable this morning, not talking and running away. I'm so nervous I'm ill.

I'm not interested in her that way and despite how happy coming out made me, I feel it was really stupid now. I didn't know she had a crush on me at all.
Kudos for house of bi girls, but Anne is really close friend and we go to the same school and do everything together, even planned on moving out and living together after school. Now what do I do? Please help me with this, and thank you
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2 Responses Aug 23, 2014

Being quiet for the sake of being quiet is a bad idea. You need to try and reassure her of your relationship and what you want it to be. Remember that she's probably afraid of what she did with you.

Looks like you've got yourself quite the complicated scenario there. Just try telling her that you value her friendship too much and you're afraid that if you guys were to date, it could get ruined.