Can someone please give me advice? I am not looking for any overly sexual or perverted comments, thank you, I just have a question; Does this make me bisexual? I tend to be more physically attracted to guys(most of the time) but more emotionally attracted to females. I feel like with girls I'm more picky because with guys I have no selection process. It's just like- You want to go out? Sure, I don't care. With guys most of the joy I feel when I go out is this feeling of accomplishment like I accomplished a goal society deemed necessary to complete. Sorry this was so long, thanks if you've read all of this.
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You probably need to experiment a bit.

What you are experiencing is no different me. I am both sexually and emotionally to both genders. I recently found out that I'm bisexual.

Do you know anything about the Kinesy Scale test and the fluidity of sexuality? Some people are either emotionally and/or sexually attracted to the opposite/same sex of their own. In other words, it's normal~

So I am bisexual, if you are experiencing the same thing as me?

Probably, I only claim the term because I really can't choose between the two genders and honestly don't care who I end up with/