A Life of Loving and Caring For Animals

     Since I was little, animals have been a big part of my life.  They were my friends and needed me as much as I needed them.

     I have been an adventurer in my mind and feared nothing.  If I met a moose, I thought I would ride it.  Any animal, I would be friends with them, and I have.

     Once, I saw something way up in a tree and climbed up after it.  it was VERY high up there.  I climbed and climbed until I saw the critter out on a branch.  Stupidly, now as I think back.

It was a porcupine! Nontheless, I climbed out on this limb holding on a brance above me.  As I neared this creature, it tried to escape me by trying to go under the branch, but couldn't.  It started toward me, then I looked down to the ground WAYYYYY down there and fear hit me as to what might happen next.  The porcupine kept coming at me and I put my sneakered foot up to keep it from pushing me off the branch.  It put its back against my foot and pushed its quills into my shoe.  Fear really gripped me as it climbed past my other foot.  My relief was noted as I watched the creature climb to the ground and scurry away, looking like an ant from that far away.

     I tell you, I got to the ground as fast as I could and I NEVER treed an animal after that.

    This is one of many of my life stories with animals.  I have had skunks, ground hogs, racoons. snakes, ferrets, muscrat, goats, deer, turtles, fish, gerbils, mice, hamsters, puppies, dogs, cats, horses, cows, calves etc.

Beyonder Beyonder
46-50, F
Feb 24, 2009