??? Unsure Bbw :s ???

Im 5ft 10 , 18 stone and size 20/22. My boyfriend loves BBW. I was 15 1/2 stone when we met and almost size 16 and dieting. Since the discovery of his enjoyment of my curves I have put the weight I lost back on and more due to relaxing my eating habits for his pleasure.

I hate my size and feel I resent him for my weight gain but he says he'll love me no matter what size I am , but he would love me if I was bigger.

Do I loose weight to make me happy but know he isn't happy and worry I might loose him ???

Do I stay as I am and embrace BBW , be unhappy but know he's happy ???

Has anyone come across this ?
PurpleMegzilla PurpleMegzilla
2 Responses Jan 8, 2013

Fatter is happiness!

What is this "stone" thing you're talking about?