I Am Proud to Be a Bbw!!!

i have always been a big girl and i dont have any problem with it..i want to loose weight for health issues but other then that i love me and i love my life!!!!

SweetBabiiRae SweetBabiiRae 26-30, F 4 Responses Jan 8, 2009

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Good Afternoon!!

My name is Loryn, Im a Casting Associate for Doron Ofir Casting. We are a 3rd party casting company based out of Los Angeles. I am sending this message in regards to a new Docu-Series we are currently casting with hopes that you are able to help spread the word.

This is a VH1 series, non-competition, empowering, sexy, fun and meant to show the fab life of the big girls in L.A. who love their bodies, their lifestyle and have real sh*t going on.

The wording is below:


You’re big and beautiful and know how to own it! You’re phat, fab and chic and have the big and bold personality to match. You’ve got the style, sex appeal and sass to get noticed without being a sample size.

Time to show the world that big girls have more fun!

VH1 in association with Doron Ofir Casting and Left Right Productions is now casting the hottest, most bodacious, voluptuous single women who are at least 21 years old and appear younger than 35 to represent the BBW’s in a brand new docu-series that will show a long-awaited glimpse into the ultra-fab world of big girls! If you have your cake and eat it too, we want to hear your story.

Whether you’re nightlife’s A-list, a full-sized fashionista, big and business savvy or singlin’ and minglin’ with L.A.’s hottest, we want to meet you!

Step aside skinny *******, the spotlight isn’t big enough for the both us.

Big girls don’t cry… they freakin’ party!

Email with your Name, Age, Phone Number and 2 recent photos.

If you know anyone that can help or would be interested in being apart of this series, please pass this along, including my contact information...

Thanks again, I hope to hear from you soon!

My smallest girlfriend was 4'11". 98lbs. My biggest (not tallest) was 5'10" and over 250. I find most women to be neurotic about one thing or another. Try to enjoy life whatever size you are.

So glad you like yourself SweetBabiiRae, rarely do women truly like themselves, since - like Rondat - we are constantly told negative things about ourselves. I do encourage you, Rondat, to find things about yourself that you love and work on finding other things. I know that has helped me.

I am glad you feel that way. I wish I could. I want to lose weight for health reasons too. I said I wish I could feel beautiful is because it is hard to feel that way when the people around you are constantly telling you how fat you are.