...been big, large, overweight, however you want to look at it. I've never really felt like I was beautiful, I mean REALLY FELT beautiful until the last two years. I met someone who helped me to really start liking myself. Yes I'm working on loosing weight for health issues. Yet I can look in the mirror now and think I am beautiful whereas before I never could.

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you are so right Doggers... <br />
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Can make you sad if you think on it.

I've been trying to change what i don't like mainly about my body, but ultimately I like myself.

A lone time ago, I took inventory of my life, looked honestly an myself. I liked some things, tried to change the worst of the things I disliked and finally could look in the mirror and like what I saw. We have to love ourselves before someone else can love us.

I've heard of many great success stories with the surgery. It is great that you were able to do so well. I love to hear about others success stories because it encourages me to do better. To know that I can do it because others have done it as well. Thank you for sharing Peta.

Thank you Sissybelinda

I'm happy you feel good about how you look.

When I finally realized that I could not please everyone but have to please myself is when it started. I started taking up for myself, stopped letting people walk all over me, decided that I was worth doing things for myself. I do special things for myself, like manicures, pedicures, etc. I started taking time for myself and doing what I like to do, like bubble baths, walks in the park, reading what I want to read and not what someone dictates I should/should not read. I go on shopping sprees buying nothing but sexy undies, etc. which makes me feel sexy (even though I'm large). When I started feeling the difference in myself because I was doing for me instead of everyone else...then I started liking myself. Others could tell and I started getting compliments and encouragement from others. When someone wants to give negative feedback--I tune them out and by picturing how low they must feel about themselves. I believe everyone deserves a hug too...and I try to give as many as I can cause it helps me too, lol......HUGS Loopy210!

I'd like to know how you got to that point of liking yourself, I'm worried I never will.

Thank you botable. It took me a long while to get to that point...and I still struggle on occassion. Thank you for sharing.

Love your story. I battled as well. It wasn't until I learned to like me... actually love me.... things fell into place.

I'll have to post a picture .... hehehehe

id whistle at you, but dont know what you look like.