Ever since I was little I have been fascinated with fire. The different colors it gives off, the crackling noise it makes when it is down to embers, it is just beautiful. It wasn't until I was about 7 that I actually started playing around with fire and burning things :P. I would sit out in my garage for hours on end just lighting matches and watching them burn. I would try to light anything I could get my hands on; paper towels, towels, insects, small toads, firecrackers, leaves, dead grass, incense, etc... I especially loved incense. Not only did it burn for a very long time, but it gave off such a beautiful scent. I loved watching the ashes fall when they became too long and gravity would pull them down to the surface of the incense holder.
I'm blabbing :P ... anyway...yeah I like fire XD.
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Yup! :D

Some are freakin' hypnotic! :P

I love burning stuff too! ^_^<br />
<br />
You know..some fires are peaceful. :)

AHHHH!!! LOOVE THAT! We did that in Chemistry last year and it was sooo much fun :). Lol, nothing wrong at all with being an alchemist fire bug! :D

FIRE BUG!!!!!! The best part of camping is the camp fire. And when I am feeling playful, I collect some special chemicals that you can put on the flames and they will turn the flames various colors, depending on what chemical you use. One of my favorites is copper sulfate, which turns the flames a beautiful green... So I guess that makes me an alchemist fire bug...

Hehe :) *hugs!*

*nods in approval*

I won't anymore :) They are my friiiiends :)

Don't burn the toadies!

Hahahaha... I don't burn frogs :P, Just the toads ;)

Don't burn the froggies!