Dark Shadows

Another masterpiece by Tim Burton. Co-produced by Johnny Depp. This movie is a must-see for Burton and Depp fans. And if you like Michelle Pfeiffer-who is aging in a most lovely manner-who can do any role magnificently-then see Dark Shadows. The music is wonderful. All the older stuff that is still so cool! And the humour-like Tim Burton-will make you laugh until your guts hurt! Depp handles the humour like a warrior wields a sword-masterfully and with deadly accuracy. His desire to be with his love, Josette, leads him over two centuries back to her. And while she desires him, she fears his vampirism. Depp is poignant and captivating in his role as a vampire released back into the modern society where cars and women and McDonalds puzzle him....And his attempts to thwart the evil witch who wants to possess him-and the sex act between them-are truly entertaining! So I just want you to know how much fun this movie is...Remember, Johnny is all mine! Love this Dark Shadows!
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4 Responses May 16, 2012

Yeah, I love their stories, they are so unpredictable. Even when he did Charlie and the Chocolate factory. I read it as a girl and saw the old movie with the Gene Wilder; but Johnny Depp's Wonka was so brilliant. I must say, it was the one time, the movie was better than the book.

Johnny is a fabulous actor; and when he and Tim Burton make a film together, you know it's going to be a real treat. I want to see that movie.

Squash me with kisses? I'm not into that! rofl

Is it? Great! Then I can sell it! Oh wait, I can't because I need it.

Here! Here! Me too! I can hardly wait to see Dark Shadows. Do you like Sweeney Todd?

I'm interested in weird stories, not your Johnny! Tehe

Beware! I have a sharp beak! :-P