My Heart

My heart feels like it's glowing.
The flame that's been lit,
rained on,
blown on,
it still holds its flickering light.
It grows stronger,
like a fire thats been so close to put out..
crackling dimly,
but has been strong enough to hold on.
It flairs back up...
Just at the thought of you.

Like your hands are wrapped around my heart,
Keeping it safe,

Your gentle hands soften the edges of my heart
the edges that i so carefully sharpened.
You are able to hold it,
without being cut.
And i melt around you.
I become pliable in your hands.

Willing to let go...
willing to trust.
wanting to become your everything.

It isnt easy to find someone who's hands fit so perfectly
around this heart of mine,
who's hands hold the heat in,
bring it back to life
from where you know it's been.

I just hope you dont let go of it
because the feeling is so unexpected.
a breath of fresh air.
 i want to see what else comes along with it.

And you're not even here...
But you hold my heart,
from where ever you are.
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Jun 9, 2010