Well I Guess This Is It!

I feel like a damn fool! he came buy here today and gave me some money, and I guess that is it,he tinks just because he owes me money that thats it!I`m relly pissed of! any body out their evey felt that way? anybody been their done that?any response? 
onedge39 onedge39
36-40, F
2 Responses Mar 29, 2007

I have been used once before back in high school. More of a **** off then anything. I don't know exactly what happened to you but mine was probably not as bad compared to you. You will get over it. Someone will come along and make your day.

I am so sorry about what he did and you have every right to be angry. And no you are not the only person that have been used people do not like to admit to themselves that they were used let alone admit it outloud to someone. The answer to your qestion is no absoulutely not. I have bee used in more ways than one. If I can ask why did he bring you money and leave. I know you are extremly angry I can feel it just from your words. If it is any constellation to you I was used and I knew he was using me but I thought that eventually he would open his eyes and see me and how I felt it never happen because he foun some other woman to hang on his every word. I know you are angy but do not give the a**hole the luxury of knowing he hurt and pissed you off never!!!!