How I Met My Last Wife :-)

This kind of funny / kind of sad, but in the end, I wouldn't change a moment.
My best friend had a repair and remodel buisness in 2000
He had several contracts and would call me if he was busy or work me if he was slow. One day in August he sent me to repair a shower and told me to watch it. The renter, he said, was a girl we had gone to school with and she was still a real *****.
I got there and knocked on the door, she answered, and there was Pam. I said you might not remember me, we went to school together. She said you're probably thinking of my older sister Pam, I don't know you, but I'm Lori.
I fixed what I could and we talked some. Her husband had recently passed away and she had two kids. I was single and usually (I am not going to lie :)) looking to get laid.
The thing is, though, I'm a hopeless romantic. I wanted,
for some reason, to comfort them Saige, her daughter was only 5 and Alex, the boy was 3. I had to go get parts and come back. When I did, the kids were home and we hit it off immediately. I asked if I could take them out for coffee. She said no, but a Dr pepper would be ok. I visited them every evening for a month, sometimes Lori and I sat in the front yard and talked for hours. One day, Saige asked why I didn't just sleep on the couch. I did. For three months. Then Saige came out to the couch one night and said I should really just go sleep in there with mommy, since I was probably going to be their new daddy til they got to go to heaven and see their real daddy. I almost cried. We have been together since.

CAnnesdad CAnnesdad
41-45, M
Sep 7, 2012