I Love the Excitement That Rom...

I love the excitement that romance brings. I don't mean just the physical side of it, but the emotional excite. The anticipation of how they will react, planning. All of it.
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Same here!<br />
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What could more exciting than not knowing what to do and what to say at the beginning of the relationship. And then the confession of love :)... and just spending the rest of your lives together...

MMM. Romance and love are different for different people because we all think about it from a different perspective. For one person romance may be doing a chore for a lover because you know they hate that task or it could be sweeping he/she off their feet by planning a romantic outing. My point is that romance is a mental challenge as much as it is an emotional challenge. You have to get into your partner's brain and act out what you find there. Sensual this is a great post because you acknowledge the emotional side and I think you understand how to get in your partner's mind to make that happen. You Rock My Friend!!!

Yes - it is what matters, but I've always felt that romance was more a life style than a 'feeling'. I like walking in the meadows and gardens, I like reading poetry on a warm summer day in the shade of the willow tree by the creek. I like telling the poeple I care about that I love them and give them hugs. I like the candle lit dinner, no matter who I am with. Of course its all that much more special with someone special. did that make any sense at all?

How inspiring your partner is to you plays a big role...it is really how you feel about the person, not romance, that matters.

We are as romantic as we want to be.

i've had more romance, more affection and been out to more places and done more things since marriage than I ever could have imagined single. of course, my husband is INCREDIBLE!!! :)<br />
so.... that feeling sometimes doesn't end w/ marriage. (sorry Em)

Yup. And then you get married...The End! lol