I am definately a HUGE romantic and am VERY affectionate. I would love to just cuddle up with someone on the porch on a rainy day and just relax in each others arms. *sigh* I really need someone who is just as romantic and affectionate as me...
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I hope you find the romantic of your dream !!! I was recently re-united with my first love on facebook after 26 years apart. We are both christians and very married...but our marriages are not working out. His marriage is worst than mine. We share the same dreams and the fellings have ignited a fiery passion, W E ARE REALLY SEEKING THE lORD ABOUT THIS. Our church don't believe in divorce. There are children involved...mine are young adults and a teenager...his are small kids.

Well I hope the best for you! I know it must be hard, but I say follow your heart! God loves all his children, divorce or not.

If he reciprocates your feelings, then I'd say go for it. Talk to him first, of course, and definitely set down and sort through your feelings. But if it won't stop knocking on your emotional door, then your instincts are telling you something worth listening to! :) Hope everything works out.

Same here PR, I hope to find 'the one' soon...<br />
<br />
I feel like I'm falling in love with someone now but he is leaving the country in 6 days... I guess we can continue the friendship but the romance... I dunno... I would love to though... I would really love to be his girl...

Aww, thank you. Sorry to hear that your someone is the opposite, but remember thats its better to have someone different than no one at all! Though, I'm sure you already know that. Thanks again and have a wonderful day! :)

Truer words were never spoken. My problem is my SO is totally the opposite. I hope you find who you are looking for.