I'm a very romantic and affectionate person... I am married to a guy with age gap of 25 years between us... He's very hard worker, he's caring for our two little children's, he has a soft corner for every human in his heart,.. But the only thing he is not is that he don't know how to love a women, how to please his wife, how to give emotional support. I WISH he was more romantic like I expect him to be... I wish he would love me more, I wish he would comfort me with his warm kisses and hugs when ever I'm feeling down... But it's never like that... He work so hard that he's always tired and have work stress on him 95% of the time... I am way younger then him but I don't really care about age. I love him to death and I just wants him to be more loving, caring and romantic for me... I wants to enjoy our relationship and make it more and more strong but he doesn't seems to care about it... He will always compliance over small things but he would never ask me if I'm feeling okay or not..?! I just wish I had a husband who would Love me like crazy and be romantic as I am....

As I said that the age gap we have never bothers me but whenever I am expecting A lot from him I get bothered by the though Of our sex life once he hit 50... I love him a lot but only thing I would ever wish to be change that's his age.... I don't know if I'm wrong or right or what's seems wrong to you all bit that's me....

I look forward to positive comments.. Please try not to break heart by negative comments.. Thanks :)
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Maybe you can ask him what you can do to make HIM happy? I'm not sure of your situation, but maybe you could offer to work a little to help shoulder the financial burden? Just some ideas.

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don't blame it on age but he needs to know you need appreciating!

I feel for you, and I can understand both sides. I'm sure he loves and wants to provide for your every need. Sometimes, as a man, we do not see everything in front of us and need just a little help seeing what we should already be seeing. The little things you can try (if you haven't already). Erotic letters in his lunch box, allow him to see your desires, what makes your "motor" purr, in a none aggressive way. Date nights once a week or even once every two weeks are a way to plan "special" occasions that you both can enjoy. Ask him to allow you into his secret world. Role playing occasions. Be free with your desires on both sides. This will rekindle the fire in you both. Men are very visual, we like your imaginations stroked. Let him know that he is your only one.

Even though you might not feel age is an issue, he might. So, you might find a way to make him think he is 25 also. I am 49 myself and feel 30 most of the time. Making him feel very desirable is a way to "shed the years" off. Watch erotic movies together, but do NOT be judgemental about the choice of movies. Open the doors to you inner desires to him. BUT, keep it monogamous. Once you invite another into your secret world, things usually change badly. But once you start to show him your inner thoughts and desires, he will also do the same. You just have to be patient.

You need to talk to him about it, if you feel like this.

And you shouldn't complain about his age, because you knew what you were getting into and have to accept him as he is, instead of wanting him to be something be can't.

I Talk to him sometime when we are laying down in bed at night and kids are sleeping... I let him know what I wants from him and what I expect from him but he ways have one answer that he have a lot of work stress and That he work so hard that he's ways tired... And yes I knew what I was getting into when marrying him... But that was absolutely my parents decision.. It was arranged marriage but it doesn't matter to me because I truly love him with bottom of my heart but I have some physical needs as well... Which he doesn't seems to care about...

I see, that's a difficult situation. I honestly dont know what else to tell you, but good luck.

Thanks for being positive :)

Maybe get him aroused. Try doing stuff for him that he likes. Cook him something yummy, give him massages. I hope this can help!

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