I am, but my other half is not. Well, he is, just in his own way. I've learned to accept him for who he is. I believe people can be physically affectionate, verbally affectionate and emotionally affectionate; or all of the above.

I love taking naps on the beach - usually around 3 or 4 in the afternoon. I doze off to the sound of the waves crashing. The ocean was fierce today. I awoke to his soft hands rubbing my shoulders, reapplying sunscreen on me since I was getting burned from the strong sun rays. He was gentle and didn't say a word, his touch said it all.

That is his way of showing affection. It was very tender and kind and made me smile as I dozed off again to the sounds of the ocean...
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romance is important to many....I believe in romance...
nice to hear someone else is as well...

By other half do you mean bf or alter ego? Not judging just curious

Nevermind. Sorry I only saw the first paragraph.

You have a way with words. I enjoy your writing.

Thank you so much, that means so much to me!

Actions speak louder than words