I was kind of raised to take care of my would be husband. I love surprising and coming out with left field things. I get more pleasure in making my mate happy then when he does it for me!
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She is??? I thought there were a few like that around!

glad to hear that.

Thank you for allowing me to be your friend. I feel the same way. This is Gary I hope that we can talk very soon. Any man you choose to be yours is, an will always be, eternally blessed that you hoes him to be yours. You are a very classy and romantic and loving woman. I am a gentleman and I will always treat you with honor and respect am dignity. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope we can talk soon. Very sincerely yours; Gary soft kisses. X x x x x x x

Is this meant sexually?

It's meant in every way that someone wants.

Oh lol well regardless, it's very kind of you and I know the feeling haha

Lol it would seem like that to people who are desensitized in this tumultuous world. But I truly meant it as in a every way type of way. Emotionally sexually physically and all the other 'llys' out there. :)

Ahh! Lol I understand that's very inclusive lol

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Same! But It's a rare quality to be able to be a good help meet for your honey (:

did you ever think he may feel the same and really wants to give you pleasure?

lm a pleaser too! my gf **** at least 2 or 3 times before i worry bout my own plasure ! i love to watch her *** and *** and *** again ! im never disappointed. i always *** after she does! cheers babe!