first time i wrote out my feelings to the girl I have a crush on, is it to corny because I wrote straight from my heart

She is on my mind 24/7, i cant think about how my life would be with out her. Every time i think or hear her name i get butterflys. To think how i would act when i see her and her perfect smile. I distance myself from her because i know i don't deserve to be in her presences, but i try my best to let her know my feelings but my heart wont let go of the past and i am left right back in square one, left dreaming every night about what could have been. A perfect fairy tale
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i have lived my life keeping my feelings to myself and silently killing myself i made a vow to myself not to do that anymore. i tell people how i feel nowadays, i mean what do i have to lose and what do you?

You're 13-15, do your schoolwork


Have you read my name, I have probably done more things in my life than you have. Let me kno if you want me to list them. Good day Sir

I've done a levels, volunteered for numerous voluntary rolls, multiple charity doner including blood. Grade 6 on the piano, having played to thousands of people including the mayor of charnwood. 260,000 views of my music on youtube, including views from Korn, Britain's Got Talent, Five Finger Death Punch and NY city comic con appearing DC artists. I survived a near fatal birth, and due to the complications played a concert to 500 people whilst in a wheelchair. My work in UFOlogy reached out as far as to receive praise from Professor of History studies at temple university. And that's just what I can be bothered to type.

Humphrey Perkins Award for Music and Science, Rawlins Community College Award for Humanities, multiple A* grades. You're intellectually attacking a medical student and classically trained pianist, not wise. I was just giving you the advice any sane person would, stop being such a douche about it.

With all due respect that's good and all but having said all of those 'achievements' do you now feel big because I have achieved equally if not more than you but I don't intend on filling this post with me roles and acts but I will say this, I play a huge role in the ACF if you don't know what that is search it up cause I done here.

No, I don't feel big, I just feel you should at least take my reasonable argument in as someone that did achieve at school, and also has had a good history of being rejected by girls. If I could go back in time to your age, I would have worked even harder at school and not let the girls rejecting me make me end up rejecting myself. Focus on your intellect for the time being and I can assure you, girls will not be a problem.

Also don't put achievements in quote marks, what right minded individual would not count them as achievements?

Obviously you are a young man of of some intellectual substance, I will briefly state I am a star student at my academy I have achieved B-A* on my GCSE results I have enough grades to leave school with good odds of acquiring a job, but at the moment love is the only thing I am focused on so I am sorry for my douchey-ness and thank you for the advice

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It's the same with me. I am doomed. No girls really like me apart from online because apparently I'm funny. People overlook that when you're a boy who has long hair, "looks like a girl", isn't popular and is literally the kid in the corner. That's my life. It sucks.

I guess we are in the same boat

Yeah. With a cargo ship about to smash our boat and then we'll fall into parana infested water. With buckets on our heads and stones on our feet. That boat is really terrible.

I'm not going to lie, that's what life feels like some times're friendly.

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Trust me distancing your self from her won't work. If she likes to be around you don't let her go out of your grasp. Don't let the past take over your future. Hope all goes well between you two.

I will try my best, thanks for the response

No problem good luck :)